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Discover the practical efficiency of our compact handheld mop, seamlessly integrating into your daily routine. With a convenient size of approximately 25 cm, this small mop is easy to handle and fits perfectly in your hand.


The smart approach of this design lies in its thoughtful detail: Simply pull the approximately 15 cm wide sponge into the handle to wring it out simultaneously. This intelligent feature not only simplifies the cleaning process but ensures that your mop is always ready for action.


Whether you're tackling small surfaces, tight spaces, or hard-to-reach corners, our compact handheld mop is versatile and gets the job done in no time. The optimal sponge ensures thorough cleaning without significant effort.


The compact size makes this handheld mop an indispensable cleaning tool that takes up minimal space. Whether at home or on the go, this mop seamlessly fits into your daily life and proves to be a reliable companion for maintaining a clean environment. Opt for convenience and efficiency with our small yet powerful handheld mop.

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